Is your terrazzo worn, dull, scratched, discolored, stained or just plain lifeless? If so, we can restore your terrazzo back to its original color and beauty.

We are the terrazzo experts, specializing in repairing cracks, tack strip holes, removing carpet, carpet glue, and safely remove tack strips to prevent nasty hole from appearing. Not to mention, we also clean, grind, polish, and seal terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo can be restored back to its original beauty by a series of progressively finer mechanically abrasive steps. The restoration process is much like sanding wood by resurfacing to remove foreign material, scratches, traffic patterns, and all other imperfections. Once the floor is resurfaced it can be polished to satin to marble-like sheen without the use of any coatings.

Description of services as follows:

  • Cleaning – Removing embedded dirt, stains, bacteria, waxes and foreign material.
  • Grinding – Removing scratches and other imperfections with minimal use of water and diamond abrasive pads without creating dust.
  • Polishing – Mechanical polishing process similar to marble flooring that provides satin or high gloss finishes
  • Sealing – Protecting terrazzo from water and oil base stains from the inside out.
  • Waxing – Economical procedure of floor finish that protects terrazzo floors while producing a satin to high gloss finish